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Postive Vibes

This positive vibes poster is made to be hung up in an office. It pretty much reminds employees to be kind to one another because you never know what battles the person is going through. I've edited the photo in Photoshop to have a more "relaxing" filter.

DC M.A.D Help

The DC MAD help Poster better known as Durham College: Media, Arts and Design was made to specifically help students who needed help from a student advisor. I've made the poster to look like a Tv screen with a PCA style announcement.

Sparkly Workout

This workout poster is meant for empowering women's fitness. I've used different shades of pink and glitter to make it make it eye-catching.

Caribbean Derby

The Caribbean Derby poster was promoting horse racing as well as fun and exciting Caribbean events. I've used many different colours and images to represent the Caribbean.


The patience poster design was featuring a Buddhist Monk by the name of Gesbe Kelsang Gyatso. I used Photoshop filters to bring out the stacking rocks representing the quote.

Art Show

This art show poster was promoting an art show at Durham College showcasing some of the faculty's art work. I've made this design to reflect modern art.

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