Poster Designs

Media,Art & Design Help Poster

This poster design was inspired by a old school TV announcement.The poster is reaching out to students at Durham College's Design Department who need help in certain areas like course changes or an academic plan.

Inspiring Quote

This poster is spefically made to tell people not to be judgemental in a office workspace because you never know what kind of battles they are facing.

Art Show Event Poster

This poster was created for a art show for the faculty staff in the design department at Durham College. Credits To The Background Artist.

Buddist Quote On Patience

I used a photo stacking rocks to repsents patience. I also created a Instagram like filter to brighten up the photo itself and used light font to make it stand out more.

Buddist Quote On Problems

I darken this yoga image to represent problem solving as well as used the yoga image itself to represent balancing out problems.

Buddist Quote On Peace

I've used a buddist temple image and made look like a oil painting to bring out the quote on peace to pop out more.

Sparkle Workout Poster

For this client, She wanted something that wasn't your typical workout poster. So I've used a sillouette of a fitness trainer and made her into glitter which pretty much sums up the quote! I also used a zebra print background and small little accsents.